Surgery for Athletes

Dr Maor understands sport and athletes, and has a particular interest in Surgery for Athletes. Dr Maor has experience in all levels of sport having worked with amateur and professional athletes in Australia, United Kingdom and Israel.

Dr Maor has a personal interest and love of sport having previously played tennis at a national and international level as well as competing in triathlon and the Ironman.

Dr Maor has experience across all levels of sport, including working with elite athletes from:

  • English and Australian Rugby Union Teams
  • Professional Triathlon Athletes
  • English Premier League Teams
  • Professional Tennis Players

Dr Maor has also worked with high-level footballers, swimmers, dancers and winter Olympic athletes as well as athletes across a range of other individual and team sports.

In 2018 Dr Maor was the consulting orthopaedic surgeon for Chelsea Football Club when they toured Australia. His passion and experience with sport as well as extensive sub specialisation ensures an ability to treat and understand both professional and amateur athletes.

Injury Management, Surgery & Rehabilitation

Every athlete must have an athlete-specific rehabilitation program after injury and surgery. Dr Maor’s experience working with numerous international teams, international athletes as well as the weekend worriers has given him experience to utilise individualised criteria based on:

  • Minimising Swelling
  • Restoring Range of Motion
  • Core Stability and Strength
  • Symmetrical Strength and Tone
  • Excellent Stability of the Operated Joint whilst
  • General Fitness
  • Confidence to return to your sport

Dr Maor strives to achieve the desired outcomes with the minimum intervention possible. His knowledge and experience in modern, advanced and best-practice techniques in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery plays a critical role in achieving excellent results.

Return to Play

I know what it takes to get athletes back to their desired level of function and performance. Whether they need surgery or not athletes require a dedicated multi-disciplinary approach to not only return to play, but return to achieve their pre injury goals. An understanding of best practice injury management, surgery and rehabilitation is a critical part of achieving great results. Dr Maor will work closely with you, your Sport Doctor, Physiotherapists, Teams, Trainers and Coaches to provide a well-managed recovery and successful return to sport.

Whatever your level of sport, Dr Maor is dedicated to providing the level of service required to help you successfully achieve your goals.